How to Treat Arthritis in Dogs Naturally

How to Treat Arthritis in Dogs Naturally

2 Biggest Problems: Being Overweight and Eating Poor Pet Food

To improve joint health in dogs and cats…

home arthritis remedy…you must help them:

  1. Lose Weight…less is better, less wear & tear
  2. Get More Exercise…They do slow down with age
  3. Improve Their Diet…this is the key to the first two points

Treatment for arthritis has to start with feeding a anti inflammatory diet. Inflammatory diseases like arthritis are most often caused by too much omega 6 oils and not enough omega 3 oils.

One way of looking at this is knowing omega 6 oils are inflammatory (HOT) and omega 3 is (COOL) . You wouldn’t get on a scalding hot shower or bath would you? Of course not, you’d hurt your self!

But thats the thing, you need both, but in the right proportion. Just right. This is critical!

Grains, grain meal, and vegetable oils are VERY high in omega 6 fats. Most commercial dog food is largely made from corn for instance. Cats MUST be fed meat but they have the same problem because animals fed a grain diet have fat that is high in omega 6.

The solution: grass or free range animal meat.

For a natural anti inflammatory diet, cut the grains and increase the grass fed meat.

Venison based food is good. Fish is good, but only if it was caught in a clean environment.

This solves the high omega 6 problem but not the whole problem. You see, when these oils or fats are exposed to the air they go bad; rancid. Supplementing with fish oil or krill omega 3 oil from capsules is better than trusting to get it all from food. Capsules keep the oil fresh.


Add a vitamin supplement for dogs and cats will help fill in where the food might be deficient. Make sure this includes vitamin E to keep oils from spoiling even after being eaten.

Try to find food that includes the building blocks of healthy joints; glucosamine and chondroitin. Otherwise supplement.

As the oil balance in your pet improves, you’ll see the playful energy come back and the excess weight melt away.

Try to stay off of concrete to avoid joint problems

Osteoarthritis in older dogs and cats is the most common problem…

…and it comes from the wear and tear of jumping and running.

Concrete is extremely  hard and can cause damage to joints easily. Try to have your dog or cat play and run on grass, sand, or good old dirt. You and your critters will be much happier as the years go by.

Many people have found swimming therapy works well. Maybe not with your cat…..

Be watchful of your aging pet on slippery surfaces and steps or stairs. Runners and ramps could help.

Of course, all this works best when started when your pets are young, but…

…that’s not the way it usually goes, we learn late but hopefully not too late!

But in the mean time, as your pet recovers it’s health, you can keep their pain level down with this special formula; an over the counter joint and arthritis pain remedy:

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Arthritis pain relief

Enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life for yourself and your critters!

Thanks, Paul