What Antiinflammatory Can I Give My Dog or Cat?

Try An Effective Homeopathic Home Treatment for Joint and Hip Pain Made Just for Your Dogs and Cats

Pet Bounce arthritis and joint pain formula is a plant based homeopathic treatment. The ingredients were carefully chosen based on effective traditional natural remedies for arthritis and joint pain.

By using oral drops, absorption through the mouth tissues is fast. Much faster than pills or powders.

  • Eliminate that Helpless feeling!
  • Safe and effective. No bad side effects.
  • Safer than aspirin for dogs and cats.
  • Rapid oral absorption.
  • Save time and money on vet calls.
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What Antiinflammatory Can I Give My Dog or Cat?

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Having Pet Bounce joint health formula on hand you’ll be able to get on top of joint problems in your pets quickly. No more wondering what to do next. A healthier happier dog or cat is a healthier happier you!

Pet Bounce dosage is by weight. Just squirt the suggested dose inside the cheek and that’s it. Fast and easy.

  1. No fighting to get a pill swallowed.
  2. No worrying that they will spit it out….somewhere!
  3. No getting your pet so mad they hide when you come around.

What are the Traditional Natural plant-based ingredients in Pet Bounce Joint pain and arthritis treatment?

  • Apis mellifica… Relieves burning, stinging pain and edema.
  • Belladonna… Used to ease stiffness, swelling, and pain.
  • Caulphyllum…Treats rheumatic stiffness and pains. Is also an antispasmodic known as Blue Cohosh.
  • Colchicum Autumnale…Helps with symptoms of gout and muscle convolutions.
  • Pet bounce arthritis treatmentRhus Toxicodendron… Known for its anti inflammatory and anti histamine properties.
  • Ruta Graveolens…This is used to treat pain, stiffness, and swelling in the joints. It relieves muscle spasms and weakness.

home arthritis remedyPet Bounce and a healthy lifestyle for your dogs and cats.

If your dog or cat stops moving around naturally, that’s the beginning of a vicious cycle. The longer your critter doesn’t move around enough, the harder it is to start back up. Pet Bounce natural treatment for arthritis can really help here!

Start early and keep your dogs and cats healthier…..longer!

all natural arthritis home treatmentA good healthy diet and daily exercise will go a long way in delaying the onset of arthritis and other joint issues. Keeping extra weight off is a big deal.

Exercise is critical to keeping joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles strong and flexible.

Just as with you and me, a little warm up or a slow start helps prevent injury.

To keep joints well lubricated use glucosamine for dogs, and to build and maintain cartilage, supplement with chondroitin.

stop arthritis joint painGood omega-3 fats found in grass fed chicken eggs and beef are great! Omega 3 fats are not only a good antiinflammatory you can give to dogs and cats, but it is for us too! Supplement if necessary.

As your pet ages, the intensity and duration of exercise will naturally decrease.

But do not stop! Keep ’em moving! Pet Bounce arthritis and joint pain relief can really help here.

Vitamins formulated for dogs and cats can certainly help.

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Should Pet Bounce All-Natural Joint Pain Relief be in your pet care “toolbox”?


  1. It’s quick and easy to administer
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  3. Save time and money on vet bills
  4. And peace of mind knowing you can do the right thing when your pets need some help.

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“… my 12 year old shepard/sheltie has seemed to improve dramatically.”  …Doug…

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So If you have an older pet, or you can see your dog or cat slowing down,

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