Signs My Dog Has Arthritis

symptoms of arthritis in dogs and catsArthritis is a sneaky beast.

You often don’t see symptoms of arthritis until the disease is advanced.

It’s being reported that 20% of dogs have arthritis.

Another report says that 90% of cats over 12 years old show signs of arthritis.

Catching early signs of arthritis in your dog or cat is your best bet. Easier said than done!

But we know now that arthritis could be sneaking up on us. So we can watch for it.

What are some signs my dog has arthritis

  • Is your pet getting slower to get up when it’s a cold day?
  • When you are walking your dog, does it have a little barely noticeable limp? I watch their¬† head when they trot. If they are favoring one leg their head takes a little dip.
  • Has your pet suffered an injury to it’s legs or back? Maybe your dog hurt itself jumping for a ball and landed wrong. Or your cat fell out of bed, or out of a tree. Anyway, even minor joint injuries can progress into arthritis over time.

It is much easier to see arthritis pain in dogs than in cats.

arthritis in catsCats are stoic critters; they are better at hiding their pain.

So, in cats keep watching for a change in old habits:

  1. Instead of jumping straight from the floor, does your cat now take an easier path to the back of the sofa?
  2. Are they losing interest in chasing flies, mice, or even the Red Dot?
  3. Cats are usually careful groomers. Are they starting to look a bit dirty or ragged? Maybe the bending required for grooming is hurting them.

After a while, the first subtle signs of arthritis progress to show  the classic arthritis symptoms:

  • Walking very gingerly, most commonly seen in the back legs
  • Difficulty in standing up and laying down
  • Reluctance to use stairs or steps
  • No interest in exercise
  • Weight gain….this makes arthritis much worse
  • Cats and dogs can get quite grouchy and want to be left alone

The sooner you attend to the arthritis symptoms in your cat or dog the better off everyone is. Talk to your Vet for the most appropriate arthritis therapy for your pet.

If your cat or dog is showing signs of arthritis pain…

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