12 Ways to Help Your Dog with Arthritis Pain at Home

How to help a dog with arthritis at home.

Pet Bounce joint pain relief for dogs and catsWe can feed our pets a better diet,

help them reach a good weight,

and relieve arthritis pain,

but what else can we do?

We can make their day to day life more pleasant and comfortable

  • We can make their home easier on them
  • We can make their activities more pleasant
  • We can assist and comfort them directly

Let’s start with their home. Here are a few things that will help:

1. dog with hip pain A soft bed to lay on.

Nice bedding is important. Hard surfaces cause sores and joint pain.

Arthritic dogs spend a lot of time on their bed.

Does your dog always want to be near you? Then place a foam bed for dog arthritis  down for them in every area you hang out in.

2.  Ramps in place of stairs.

Walking up and down stairs can be painful and jumping onto their favorite chair or into a car could be impossible.

Make it easy for them. A handy person can make you a portable dog ramp.

3.  Non slip runners over slippery floors

Keep your dog from slipping on tile, wood, or other slippery surfaces. Reacting fast enough to keep from falling might not be possible. This can be very painful.

Getting back up might be very difficult for a dog with arthritis pain.

4. Raised food and water bowls.

This is particularly helpful for larger dogs. Bending down could be painful in itself, but swallowing with their head way down is sometimes difficult.

Make eating and drinking easier for them.

We can help them in their day to day activities:

5.  Don’t let them get cold.

Cold makes muscles less flexible which leads to injuries.

Going outside in the cold is often necessary so try to get your dog warmed up first by walking around inside. Then don’t spend too long outside.

Pet sweaters are helpful.

6.  Keep play short and stay on soft surfaces

arthritis andjoint pain relief for dogs and catsWalk on grass or sand when it is possible. The worst surfaces are concrete and pavement. Try to avoid jumping and fast movements.

Hip joint pain in dogs is extremely common; no jumping! Slow walks are great!

7.  Keep the excitement level down

Some critters get very excited when certain things happen; like expected play time, or when a guest shows up, and so on.

A couple of solutions to try would be to make play time at unexpected times, vary the routine.

If a guest showing up is expected, you can prepare your dog by getting it up and walking first.

A few ideas for helping your arthritic dog directly*

8.  Dog arthritis massage*

9.  Water therapy*

10.  Acupressure*

11.  Careful use of heat applied to affected joints*

12.  Laser therapy*

*To apply these ideas you’ll need some coaching from an expert. Your veterinarian would know some or all of these things. And if not, they’ll know people who know.


I hope you found some of these ideas useful. Nobody knows your critter like you do, so start with what you think is the best idea.

Whatever you do, do not give up hope! Many people have vastly improved the quality of life for their pets using these ideas.

You can too!


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Pet Bounce joint pain relief for dogs and cats

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